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If you have a farm in Malaga, when it's time to plant or harvest the crop, you need your tractors and different agricultural vehicles to work at full capacity, even if a few months have passed without activity.



Batteries intended for agricultural vehicles and construction vehicles are robust and resistant, since in addition to supplying energy for starting and all electrical systems, it is very important that they can withstand vibrations, shocks and extreme temperatures.

If you need to fit a good battery into your vehicle, our experts will fill you in on all the key benefits that Varta batteries have to offer for this application. They deliver reliable performance and power while helping to minimize downtime. It is the perfect solution to save on total cost of ownership.

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​​Varta batteries specific for this type of use offer you great starting power and an excellent supply to power all the devices in the cabin. Plus they're maintenance-free, which will lower your total cost of ownership. Next, we show you the different Varta models for this type of use:


Varta Promotive Black

Perfect for small tractors, with few electrical requirements beyond starting the engine, but needing good performance during working hours. These batteries, under normal working conditions, do not require maintenance. Complies with EN standard (EN 2 and vibration resistance V1).


Varta Promotive Blue

Designed for all types of agricultural vehicles with standard power demand. It is a multipurpose battery of excellent quality and capable of withstanding a demanding level of work with the maximum guarantees. Provides very powerful starting power for large engines and great reliability. It has very little water consumption and complies with the EN standard (EN 3 and vibration resistance V2)


Varta Promotive Silver

Specially designed for agricultural vehicles with a lot of equipment and a high energy demand. It offers high resistance to vibrations, making it ideal for uneven terrain. It also has a high resistance to cycles thanks to Super Heavy Duty (SHD) technology, making it a much more durable battery. This battery has unmatched performance and is maintenance free. In addition, it far exceeds the requirements of the EN standard (EN4 and resistance to vibrations V3).

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