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Only the best. In Malaga batteries you will get the best price, the excellent attention of our experts and the highest quality of products for your vehicle. How is this possible? Well, very simple, at Malaga Batteries we have a cordial and personal relationship with each of our customers and suppliers. We know that each vehicle is different, that is why all our employees will assist you in the best possible way and will always offer you advice so that you can choose the best solution for your particular case.


If you feel that your battery is failing or your vehicle has left you lying on the road in or around Malaga, call us!

If we have a vehicle in the area, we can come to help you. 

The purpose of the car battery is to store and supply electrical energy to start the engine of your vehicle, if it has had prolonged inactivity, or has been affected by extreme weather changes, prevention is better than cure. We are at Calle La Orotava #100, on the main street of the San Luis industrial estate, at the intersection with Calle París. Schedule an appointment to check the status of your battery for free or request a quote for the installation of a new battery.

Batteries run out over time, and sometimes it is irreversible and cannot be recharged, modern cars require constant power to ensure the operation of integrated electronic systems that are more and more complex every day. So manufacturers recommend replacing the car battery every four years, but it is common for the battery to run out before this expected lifespan ends. If you detect any type of anomaly when starting your vehicle, contact us.


What you should know about the performance of a battery is that if, after being manufactured, it spends more than a year in storage without being installed, its capacity will progressively decline.

Thanks to the fact that we are an official VARTA Distributor, to our +35 years of experience in the sale and installation of batteries and that we distribute batteries throughout the national territory, we have the largest catalog of recently manufactured batteries in Malaga.

So, in Malaga batteries we have a high turnover of batteries thanks to the demand for batteries from our customers, we install recently manufactured batteries ensuring that, once installed, the battery will start to work at 100% of its performance.

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recorrido fabricacion baterias en malaga

We are not a battery store, our service begins when an individual asks for advice on the search for a battery for his car, truck, motorcycle or even for industrial machines. Let's schedule an appointment to review the status of your battery and subsequent installation. If at the time of scheduling an appointment we do not have the battery you require in our catalog, we will request it immediately since we belong to the exclusive Batteries Specialist sales channel, which makes us one of the few companies nationwide that buy directly from the manufacturer.

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Varta is the leading brand par excellence in Europe with more than 100 years of experience in the automotive battery sector, synonymous with quality and guarantee for your vehicle.

We have the full range of Varta in all its sizes and models. Whether you have a small car with little electronics or a high-end car with Start-Stop technology, stereo and regenerative braking.

Below we explain the different ranges of Varta:


Varta Black Dynamic

Ideal for vehicles with standard energy demands. This battery is maintenance-free and very safe, with reliable cold starting and long-lasting performance. Manufacturing quality with the guarantee of being made in Europe.


Varta Blue Dynamic

Consistent performance over long periods of time and great starting power, even under unfavorable weather conditions. Perfect for cars with standard energy demand and daily use of the car with journeys of all kinds.


Varta Silver Dynamic

Batteries with superior performance, which offer extraordinary starting power and the ability to supply the most demanding energy demands of your car, such as air conditioning or music systems.


Varta Silver Dynamic AGM

If your car has Start-Stop function, this is the best choice. Excellent batteries with the most advanced technology capable of supplying both the vehicle and all its components with energy. With a resistance three times higher than that of conventional batteries, it is also perfect for cars with regenerative braking, being able to charge the battery much faster.

And if you have a car with little electricity consumption but a high demand for energy at start-up, we also have all the Optima battery models 

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